Agents & Brokers, Are Your Non-Competes KO’D??? 

FTC Bans Most Non-Compete Clauses!!! Here’s what you need to know: The Big Change: ‼️ The FTC banned most non-compete clauses for all workers, including insurance agents and brokers (effective 120 days after publication in the Federal Register, which would cause an effective date in August, 2024)‼️ What’s Not Affected: 🙅‍♂️ Non-Solicitation Agreements: You can … Read more

The Silent Asset: How Companies Can Leverage Institutional Knowledge From Highly Experienced Staff

Why You Should Read This: Most insurance organizations have highly experienced & tenured staff In areas such as claims and underwriting, these people have developed an innate wisdom that drives their success That wisdom is often NOT documented anywhere – much of it is instinctual. This article focuses on how to retain that knowledge and … Read more

7 Indicators that Signal an Economic Downturn is Brewing

This article originally appeared HERE Within the enterprise risk management (ERM) field, practitioners talk about using indicators to better understand when the environment, whether internal or external, is changing around a specific risk. Some company or industry-specific (i.e., micro) drivers of uncertainty like talent, technology advancements, or shifting consumer preferences are, with the right tools, … Read more

Get Ready! Money Pros Guide – Week 𝟏𝟕: How Are You Balancing Savings, Expenses And Paying Off Debt?

Happy Friday. Ready to hop into this week’s Get Ready Update? Let’s go! ✅ Week #17 Action Item: Balance savings, expenses and paying off debt. 👉 This week consider how you can balance savings, expenses and paying off debts. 👉 It’s important to balance paying off debt, paying your expenses and saving for the future. … Read more

Navigating the Remote Work Era: Combating Isolation and Inactivity through Networking Groups

The seismic shift to remote work, instigated by the pandemic, fundamentally altered our professional lives. While initially celebrated for its flexibility and the elimination of commutes, the new norm has surfaced many challenges that extend beyond the confines of our makeshift home offices. The sedentary lifestyle, increased isolation, and blurred lines between personal and professional … Read more