7 Ways to Keep Up to Date with Insurance

As the Insurance Industry goes through tumultuous change, it is imperative that dedicated insurance professionals stay up to date with what is going on in our industry. What follows are InsNerds.com favorite ways to keep up to date and stay on the cutting edge:

1. Read the Insurance Journal, PropertyCasualty360.com and at least one trade journal from your area of the industry

IJ is my personal favorite, and I really love that they publish the full PDF version of their magazine for free for the first 4 weeks that it’s out. You can get your free copy here. Make sure you put it on your schedule to check it out every couple of weeks and at least download it while it’s free, so you can read it when you have time. IJ also has an App which is worth checking out. PropertyCasualty360, by National Underwriter is also available here and free to download on PDF, but it’s a little harder. Click on the “Download” link on the top right of the page.


2. Become a Google News Alert Ninja

GNA is an amazing tool that you can set up to notify you whenever a new article appears about a topic you’re interested in, making so you are one of the first to know about the article. Set up alerts for whichever insurance topics you’re most interested in, and automate the process of staying up to date.


3. Twitter

Every company has at least one twitter handle. At a minimum, you should follow your company’s feed. Following your competitors’ feeds is also interesting. You’ll be kept up to date on new product offerings and may even learn something from outside your sector of the industry. In addition to following the companies, check out this list of “66 of Twitter’s Top Insurance Influencers.”

4. Attend CPCU Society Events and read their publications

One of the best ways to keep up to date is to become active with your local chapter of the CPCU Society, and if at all possible, attend the Annual Meeting and/or Leadership Summit. You will always find quality speakers at these events. Finally, the newsletters of the interest groups are some of the best technical insurance publications out there.


5. Browse McKinsey Quarterly and McKinsey Financial Services Insight

World class consulting firm McKinsey has a free in-depth quarterly magazine that has a collection of interesting articles, and there’s usually at least one or two on issues that affect the insurance and financial industry. While this is not a dedicated insurance publication, at least browse it, and make sure you do read any related articles. Their Financial Services area is especially worth checking out.


6. Read Emphasis, a quarterly magazine for insurance executives by insurance consulting company extraordinaire Towers Watson

The articles are in-depth, cutting-edge, and genuinely excellent. We don’t know many lower and mid-level insurance professionals who read it, so this one is a bit of a secret. Give yourself the upper hand by reading the magazine the executives in our industry read.

7. Our very favorite source for cutting edge thinking in our industry is without question Dave Dias’ Insurance Thought Leadership

Since 2010, ITL has strived to become an invitation-only platform where the top 200 or so thought leaders from all corners of our industry post their best ideas about everything from Actuarial Analysis to Workers Comp. ITL has developed a loyal following of 300,000+ readers, and if you’re not one of them, you’re quite simply falling behind! ITL was the inspiration for InsNerds.com which of course you should also check out often to keep up-to-date!


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