A Tesla Insurance Policy?

Meet Tesla – your new insurance company! If you live in California, you may soon get the chance to try out Tesla’s latest innovation: insurance. The 4,037 page auto filing has now been approved by the CA Insurance Commissioner. This milestone helps move Tesla toward a policy offering which “will be much more compelling than … Read more

Conversations at OnRamp 2019

  What technology can best help the industry move forward? How can InsurTechs succeed? What issues should we be considering for both the potential and the risk of AI? In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery we chat with carrier and InsurTech leaders about industry trends, AI, customer experience, and the talent gap. And why … Read more

Innovate or Die

https://youtu.be/h-LDBSh2WC8 Innovation and disruption is the hot topic at hundreds of insurance conferences around the world. And now it’s starring in its very own rating proposal. On March 14, 2019, insurance rating agency AM Best released a draft of a proposal to include innovation as a factor in its rating score. In this episode of … Read more

Robots Are Taking Over

Insurance. Technology. Innovation. Robots named Anna. This episode we take a look back at InsureTech Connect 2018 – what carriers need to know about working with insurtechs, what they need to show their customers, and how we’re all being replaced by robots. Sort of. Featuring the inspiration behind the “InsurTech Wannabe” music video and a … Read more

InsurTech Wannabe

I went to InsureTech Connect 2018. And then I wrote a song about it. Based on the true, moving story of a geeky underwriter infiltrating the InsurTech scene – Insurance Nerds is proud to present the updated release of InsurTech Wannabe!* *Now with new, NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage! This music video is definitely going to … Read more