It’s Insurance Conference Season!

I’m a pretty basic millennial so of course I love all things fall. Sweater weather, pumpkin spice, insurance conferences… My favorite things! In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I cover the fall line up of insurance conferences – including the two events that I’m obsessed with and one that I will definitely NOT be … Read more

Stop Talking About Millennials

Yeah we know we’re interesting but there’s a new group of people that might be the most underrated generation to date: Generation Z. They’re the up and coming group of people who are the first to have truly grown up with the connected technology that is now a ubiquitous presence in modern-day life. But just … Read more

Why I Make Insurance Videos

Why do you make insurance videos? I get this question a lot and recently realized it’s just one of my many unusual life choices . . . I also commute 800 miles a work, get irrelevant degrees, and eat a lot of avocado toast. Ok I also do a lot of really normal stuff but … Read more

The One With Rob Galbraith *and wine*

This week we’re talking about The End of Insurance, the future of innovation, and why Israel is leading the InsurTech pack. It’s my turn to fangirl over Rob as The End of Insurance launch party comes to Minnesota! We were also thrilled to welcome panelists Kobi Bendelak, CEO of InsurTech Israel, and Robin Roberson – … Read more

The UK Sandbox

The U.S. saw its first regulatory sandbox launch in Kentucky in June 2019. 3 years earlier, and a few thousand miles to the east, The UK launched its first sandbox. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) created Project Innovate to open the doors for new ideas that could benefit stakeholders on all sides of the … Read more