An Insurance Nerd Parody

COVID-19 stay-at-home orders changed our lives overnight. From work to hobbies to footwear, we’ve all experienced a “temporary normal” that looks anything but normal for many of us. I wanted to remember what these times were like and how different they were from what we are used to. So, in the interest of preserving history, … Read more

What can the U.S. learn from Europe?

What can the U.S. insurance industry learn from Europe’s COVID-19 response? Digital Scouting’s Robin Kiera shares his perspective from Germany, gives the U.S. some advice, and almost convinces me to cancel my Netflix subscription. (*almost* I still have an episode of Tiger King left..) He also leaves me with my new favorite COVID quote: “If … Read more

COVID-19 and Insurance: The Impact of Policy Language

The word “unprecedented” has infiltrated nearly every conversation I’ve had over the last few weeks as the COVID-19 pandemic slowly shuts down the United States. As stay-at-home orders are issued and businesses closed, national attention has turned to insurance for a lifeline. Millions of businesses across the nation are struggling to make ends meet, many … Read more

Should Lemonade Offer Pet Insurance?

The Insurance Nerdery

Lemonade recently announced their foray into pet insurance and it got me thinking – do their insureds really want to buy pet insurance from them? Who is buying pet insurance? How do people want to buy pet insurance? In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, we investigate these questions and assess the current state of … Read more

Why Social Inflation is One of the Worst Trends

Is social inflation the biggest threat to insurance? Insurance policies are carefully written and painstakingly priced. What happens when culture, regulation, and legal precedents cause increasingly large payouts far beyond those predicted? Loss ratios skyrocket and rates increase. In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I share my thoughts on social inflation – what is … Read more