Why Social Inflation is One of the Worst Trends

Is social inflation the biggest threat to insurance? Insurance policies are carefully written and painstakingly priced. What happens when culture, regulation, and legal precedents cause increasingly large payouts far beyond those predicted? Loss ratios skyrocket and rates increase. In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I share my thoughts on social inflation – what is … Read more

Surviving the Hard Market

After an extended stay in soft market land, the insurance industry is on its way to a hard market in 2020. Rates are up, underwriting guidelines are tightening, and the shift is well underway. What will this mean for the industry? In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery, I explain why it’s not all doom … Read more

How To Be Uncomfortable

I always hated the saying “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” What if I like my comfort zone? Does my life not “begin” then? When a coach pushed me to reimagine my idea of discomfort, my outlook began to shift. What if you can find comfort in the uncomfortable? Familiar in the … Read more

Learning to Love Stretch Goals

When it comes to goal setting, there is no shortage of methodologies to plan and execute. Adding to the never-ending list of insurance acronyms, there KPIs, OKRs, MBOs, and SMART goals just to name a few. How do the approaches compare and which one is best for your organization? In this episode of The Insurance … Read more

Your Holiday Wish List

What does an insurance nerd ask Santa for? Insurance nerdiness of course! In this episode of The Insurance Nerdery I share the top 5 insurance books that should be on your wish list this year. Hint: One of them involves “citrus fruit” that the Insurance Nerds famously called out for being over-hyped…