How to Target Different Segments as a Brand

  NEWSFLASH! Your customers are not homogeneous. They do not want the same thing from you. They do not all think the same, have the same needs, wants, and desires and they certainly do not want to be spoken to as one generic mass. So, what do you do? How do you speak to different … Read more

Speaking To Be Understood

photo courtesy of The other night, my sixteen-year-old son and I became frustrated with each other because I could not understand a probability equation the same way that he did. Now, I am going to admit, he is in grade twelve mathematics, top of his class, and probably headed for a career that will … Read more

Are You Throwing Money Away Recruiting?

(editor’s note: This article first appeared at  – With permission from Ben Baker, we are repurposing this post. We see companies in the Insurance ecosystem struggling with talent management. As Ben notes in his estimates, every lost employee costs you $100,000. We don’t know if that is the exact figure, but our guess is … Read more

Let’s Start The Year Off Right

image courtesy of The biggest question I ask all my clients this time of year is, what did you learn from the previous year?  What went right, what went wrong, and what are you learning from both? It is not enough to celebrate the wins. You also need to celebrate the challenges because without … Read more

Not Another 2019 Retrospective?

It is December, and every writer out there is thinking what retrospective am I going to write to tie the previous year up in a little bow?  How am I going to take the year that was, make sense of it and inspire people towards great things in the year to come? So, I ask … Read more