How To Tell Your Story Creatively?

Last month I wrote an article for Insurance Nerds titled Do Your Employees Know Your Story? The feedback that I got on it was tremendous, and I thought I would follow up this month by providing some advice about how to tell your story creatively. I believe that every company should do away with a … Read more

Do Your Employees Know Your Story?

Every business is different. The question is, do your employees know why, how you are different, and can they tell that story effectively? Many within your own company may not be able to tell your story effectively. They may not know your genesis, what you believe in, who you wish to serve and how you … Read more

Cybercrime: The Ultimate Brand Killer

Portions of this article first appeared in BCBusiness in July 2019 Given all the headlines about big corporations falling prey to cybercriminals, you might think they’re the only victims. That misconception could not only ruin your business but the businesses the insurance industry wishes to protect. The problem with cybercrime is that you need to … Read more

Are you wasting your money on promotional marketing?

Photo Courtesy of Xperience PromotionsThis article has to start with a shout out to Bobbie Shrivastav, of Benekiva. As part of a long twitter conversation, amoungst some of the brightest in the industry, the topic of promotional marketing came up, and Bobbie asked me to write an article on this subject.I have been involved in … Read more

Are You Trustworthy?

When you look in the mirror, do you see someone that is trustworthy? Would your clients, friends, family, competition, and connections on social media say the same thing? Be honest! Besides that feeling in your gut, how do you know? Have you ever asked someone if they thought you were trustworthy? Have you ever told … Read more