Attachment Point News Roundtable with Amber Wuollet

In this episode of the Attachment Point News Roundtable Broker Brett and Nick Lamparelli sit down with Amber Wuollet, famed Insurance Nerds film maker and the creator of The Insurance Nerdery. Amber, Nick and Brett discuss the upcoming conference season, low-lights, the University of Minnesota’s true colors, Bold Penguin, and much much more. Also: Amber … Read more

The Attachment Point News Roundtable – Rahul Mathur, Product Manager at Laka

Rahul Mathur has made a splash on the global Insurance scene with thoughtful commentary, as well as a deep intrigue and passion for the Insurance industry. In this episode of the Attachment Point News Roundtable, Rahul and Broker Brett dive into Insurance industry trends in Europe and Asia, InsurTech startups, and they breakdown potential expansion … Read more

The Attachment Point Roundtable With Guest, Louis Ziskin, CEO of DropIn, Inc

In this episode of Attachment Point News Roundtable we interview Louis Ziskin of DropIn Inc., a high-res, time and GPS stamped, drone video recording company that assists with underwriting and claims for the insurance industry. Brett and Louis hop into a discussion about technology, insurance start-ups and policy reform. They show streamed footage of Louisiana … Read more