The Attachment Point Roundtable with Guest Craig Linton of The Hartford on Cyber & Tech E&O.

In this episode, Brett Fulmer chats with Craig Linton of The Hartford about their cyber program. Craig designs Cyber and Tech E&O policies. Being an attorney and having previously worked in Cyber claims at Beazley, Craig has unique insights on how carriers are viewing Cyber and the claims they are facing. Connect with Craig:

The Attachment Point Roundtable with Justin Goodman of TotalCSR com

In this episode of The Attachment Point Roundtable we interview Justin Goodman of Goodman Insurance, he is also the creator of Justin created Total CSR as a way to modernize the insurance CSR training process, and to help equip the next generation of insurance professionals. Onboarding is the first experience you have with your … Read more

What I Do and Don’t Know About Cyber Insurance (and what I am looking to learn)

I am a sucker for the new and novel. I think start-ups are cool, I embrace change and look for new frontiers. When I saw that Cyber insurance wasn’t regularly utilized in insurance I was ready to plant my flag. Like my friend Nick Lamparelli would say, Cyber is like fire insurance, except the Cyber … Read more

The Attachment Point Roundtable With Guest Andrew Baduria

In this episode we interview Andrew Baduria, an Allstate agency owner that acquired his second office after just 6 years in the insurance business. He has great tips for insurance agency owners about staffing and business development. WATCH HERE: Connect with Andrew Baduria:

My Road to A Digital Brokerage, and How to Build One

Part 1, My Journey to Starting a Digital Brokerage: was originally built as a place to house online forms.  I hadn’t used that site in that way since I had worked at an insurance agency, but I started to tune it back up a few months.  It’s hard to get people to fill out … Read more