My Road to A Digital Brokerage, and How to Build One

Part 1, My Journey to Starting a Digital Brokerage: was originally built as a place to house online forms.  I hadn’t used that site in that way since I had worked at an insurance agency, but I started to tune it back up a few months.  It’s hard to get people to fill out … Read more

A Tale of Two InsurTech LA API Start-Ups

Lifeguard (, an API authentication product.  BOUND (, a distribution play using APIs to deliver insurance quotes where people are.  Is Los Angeles big enough for the two companies? Probably. Greater LA Metro has 13 million people.  Will there be bloodshed? No, of course not, we’re talking about InsurTech. Often thought of for beaches, Hollywood, … Read more

Why I Love Insurance – Brett Fulmer’s Story

This article originally published on Choosing a career is a lot like trying to choose a movie. You should be intrigued enough by the potential plot and projected outcome to buy a ticket, especially since movie tickets are so expensive these days! Similar to how weekends always feel fleeting, and committing time to a … Read more