Building Blocks for the Digital Independent Insurance Agency

Building any successful business model requires that you first define the problem, specifically the main barrier that keeps you from meeting your customer’s expectations.  For the local independent insurance agency, that barrier is 24/7 accessibility by clients and prospects. By the end of this article, you should be able to identify those tools that can … Read more

Killing Two Birds with One Stone – a case for Smart Web Forms on the Producer Level

Halfway into 2018 it is clearly understood that the Insuretechs are not going away.  In fact, while some continue to champion themselves as the insurance industry “disruptors”, others are looking for ways to help legacy insurance carriers and the agency distribution channel to evolve for the benefit of all.  Additionally, larger legacy carriers have started … Read more

Where did my Binding Authority Go?

The Short Answers are: It went the way of the paper insurance application, and You’re not likely to ever get it back If you’re ADD and you agree, you can stop reading now.  If you’re saying, “Lucy you’ve got some explaining to do!” (Yeah I’m as old as dirt – have been working in the … Read more