The Launch Guide – Part 3

This is a continuation of the Launch Guide Parts 1 and 2 Monitor and adjust – Once you’ve got your jigsaw puzzle of partners, approvals, and technology in place, it’s really just the beginning. A good MGA or program administrator will vigilantly monitor their book of business and adjust to meet their short- and long-term … Read more

The Launch Guide – Part 2

No man is an island – There are many advantages to being an InsurTech intermediary. It’s probably the business structure that has the least amount of regulatory friction, while allowing you to control a book of business. However, a key challenge you’ll face as an intermediary is forging partnerships with partners that will permit your … Read more

The Launch Guide – Part 1

A note from the author – I’ve been a property & casualty actuary for nearly 10 years, the last four as a fully credentialed CAS Fellow. During my tenure, I’ve served in a number of financial reporting and product pricing roles for personal and commercial lines. My professional experience has largely focused on niche insurance … Read more