Big Rocks

This is one of my favorite fables to discuss with those struggling to fit everything into their day.  Not only does it help displace the common “I’m too busy” thought process, but it’s a fun story and has a nice twist at the end that really drives home the point. A professor walks into his … Read more

The Top 5 Benefits of Obtaining Client Referrals

Every agency with whom I’ve worked or where I’ve worked, referral business is always their favorite lead source.  However few have an actual process in place to obtain them. In fact, during most of our training programs, we often ask this question: “Is asking for referrals important?” I always get a resounding “Yes!” and a … Read more

Quoting Over The Phone. It’s Possible!

I’m not sure that my nano talk at Insurance Nerds Day at the Gamma Iota Sigma International Conference hit the right audience.  There were a lot of students in the audience with really bright futures in our industry that will never need to quote an insurance policy.  But what about you!?! Do you find yourself … Read more