The role of the workplace in elevating justice 

By focusing on what we can do from where we are, we can make changes that lead to better long term outcomes for all. Recent events have caused me to do some introspection. My sincere hope is that this article is a part of a broader discussion on what we can do to make long … Read more

The importance of being able to ask for help. 

Leaders who are intentional about building a collaborative culture will unleash the full capabilities of their team.  If you are a manager, when was the last time that you remember someone on your team asking for help? If team members are not asking each other for help this could be an indication that your organization … Read more

If You Want to Succeed, Row Together

When we are not operating in alignment with our vision, we allow office drama to sink our boat. Whether you have put much thought into it or not, office drama is costly. A study in 2008 discovered that employees in the United States spent 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict which CPP estimated as … Read more