Hiring and Management in the Age of Covid19

Working for someone is always an “iffy” situation.  When you’re going through the application process, everyone is one their best behavior and you only see the person that is recruiting you.  You really don’t have a clue as to that person’s managerial abilities, peccadillos, flaws or day in and day out personality. Sure, you can … Read more

The Cold Callers’ Creed:  Eat What you kill!

How many times has a recruiter promised you that you’ll make a ton more money and that the company they’re promoting has a great “sales culture!  — our sales-team Eat what they Kill!” That mantra of earning what your worth stays with successful salespeople and is the motivation of those who wish to be great.  … Read more

Reinventing A Veteran Insurance Professional

Because of the potential profits that even the winning of a small regional market-share provides, many investment funds (Venture Capital and Private Equity) have focused on Insurance as an industry that can provide an incredible return. Thus, most startups are truly focused around the edge, creating Startup Brokers, MGA’s, TPA’s, SaaS management tools, billing tools, … Read more