Reinventing A Veteran Insurance Professional

Because of the potential profits that even the winning of a small regional market-share provides, many investment funds (Venture Capital and Private Equity) have focused on Insurance as an industry that can provide an incredible return. Thus, most startups are truly focused around the edge, creating Startup Brokers, MGA’s, TPA’s, SaaS management tools, billing tools, … Read more

The New Age of Internet Reputation Management

Most agencies’ reputations are based upon customer service and referral. At a certain point in the career of an agent or broker, cold calls via “smiling and dialing” become antiquated. At the point of either critical mass, or “economic comfort”, organic growth comes from a constant stream of customers leaving one company and joining another. … Read more

Life Insurance Sale Gone Bad

Disclaimer: this article discusses potentially-upsetting topics.   Somewhere along the line, I didn’t do my job. When the phone rang, I picked it up after two attempts to hit the right button, waking out of a sound sleep. Thanks to Phone ID, I could see that the call was from a dear friend and ex-team … Read more