Profiles in Risk – 124: Louis Ziskin, Founder of Dropin

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I had the pleasure to speak with Louis Ziskin, founder of Dropin. Dropin is pioneering the use of on-demand drone and video usage for claims and inspections. Dropin has 6 million “droperators” covering 56 countries. Aside from this, Louis has an inspirational story that you’ll want to hear. LISTEN HERE: OR WATCH … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E123: Insurance Innovation With Slice Labs

In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Valerie Geogantas and Ernest Hursh of Slice Labs. Slice is one of the original “insurtechs”. Well known for its on-demand coverage for home & ride sharing, Slice has continued to evolve. Slice Insurance Cloud Services helps, carriers, program admins & MGAs get products to market faster, digitally. … Read more

The Attachment Point Roundtable – Brett & Nick Rap On The Uber-ization of Insurance & Startup Sales

Brett & I catch up on insurance startups, the difficulty of biz development and sales, and the uber-ization of insurance. WATCH HERE: MENTIONED: Rob Galbraith Tweet on Uber-ization: Anthony Iannarino – Jeb Blount: Profiles in Risk Podcast w/ Michael Porpora: Profiles in Risk Podcast w/Sasha Dewitt & Carey Anne Nadeau: