Profiles in Risk – E54: The “Selfie” as a Life Expectancy & Health Tool, With Janet Anderson of Lapetus Solutions

OR SUBSCRIBE At any insurance conference Janet Anderson attends, she is often the most popular person in the room? Everyone wants to take a selfie on her phone and see what the technology that Lapetus Solutions is predicting for them. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, Janet and I discuss this image analysis technology, … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E53: The 2017 Natural Catastrophe Year End Review

OR SUBSCRIBE In this episode, an all-star panel of insurance experts discusses the year that was in natural catastrophes. Will 2017 go down as the worst Nat-CAT season ever? You might be surprised at the responses. ALL-STAR PANEL Kevin Grudzien Rob Galbraith Wesley Todd David Wright MENTIONED IN THE PODCAST: Houston Chronicle Following The Aftermath … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E52: The Career (and hair) of Insurance Legend Bill Wilson

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a re-broadcast of an episode of The Attachment Point. In this episode, Nick and Tony talk with Bill Wilson. Bill is a legend in insurance and we discuss his early career, how he got into insurance (he initially wanted to be a teacher), his thoughts about how insurance has changed, what … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E51: The Insurance Bill of Rights With Tony Steuer; Author, Blogger and Insurance Advocate

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a re-broadcast of a special episode of The Attachment point. In this episode  Tony Canas and Nick Lamparelli speak with Tony Steuer. Tony is a prodigious author and advocate in insurance topics, especially in the Life and Health fields. He came up with an Insurance Bill of Rights that the insurance … Read more