Profiles in Risk – E63: Chris Stanley – Creating the Next Generation of Independent Adjusters

Subscribe at: Stitcher iTunes YouTube Buzzsprout RSS February was Insurance Careers Month. In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I spoke with Chris Stanley, someone who is literally helping people to build an insurance career. Chris is an author, independent adjuster and the founder of IA Path, an online training company helping those who would like to build their own Independent Adjuster or … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E62: Cooper Cohen – Millennial & International Underwriter at CNA

Subscribe at: Stitcher iTunes YouTube Buzzsprout RSS We finish off Insurance Careers Month by speaking with Millennial and International Underwriter, Cooper Cohen of CNA. We discussed how he got into insurance, his articles on blockchain and insurtech and near the end of the recording some cogent thoughts on millennial & Gen-Z recruiting, highlighting the REAL … Read more