Profiles in Risk – E163: Revolutionizing the Life Insurance Experience With Brent Williams of Benekiva

I met Brent Williams over a year ago at a conference (recorded here: Since then, I’ve had a chance to talk to Brent and his team on many occasions and each time I’ve walked away more and more impressed. About half-way through this interview, Brent brings up how the Benekiva solution can actually be … Read more

A Brief Interview with Jeremy Snyder, Chief Operating Officer at Avinew

Jeremy Snyder is the Chief Operating Officer at Avinew. Avinew offers technology solutions that insures vehicles and fleets with autonomous and semi-autonomous features. He will be on a panel doing a Ted-Style talk on Commercial Insurance Next Generation Business Models with Moderator, Insurance Nerd, Nick Lamparelli on June 18th. The conference is being hosted by the … Read more