Call Centers in Insurance – Challenges and Best Practices

WHY YOU SHOULD READ THIS? Call centers in insurance create both resource challenges but also opportunities. While they can be resource-intensive and have staffing challenges, well-run call centers can contribute to positive customer engagement, offer opportunities to upsell/cross-sell solutions, and be a training ground for your next generation of leaders. The Challenges of Call Centers … Read more

Building Corporate Culture – Right People, Right Seats Approach

tldr; Right People, Right Seats” is not merely a hiring strategy, but a holistic approach to talent management that fosters a win-win situation for both employees and the organization. By prioritizing cultural fit, aligning skills with roles, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, companies can create a high-performing workforce that drives innovation, … Read more

InsurTech Hartford Unites Insurance Visionaries, Trailblazers, And Innovators At This Week’s Symposium

State of the Industry report, news conference, and Making Waves Awards amongst featured activities What we’ve created in Hartford has become the model for growing insurtech communities in Atlanta, Chicago, and around the world. We’re thrilled to host the top insurtech leaders here this week.” β€” Stacey Brown, President at InsurTech Hartford HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT, USA, … Read more