Property Insurance Reimagined

White Paper by Rob Galbraith – Author of ‘End of Insurance as we know it’ and Pankaj Parashar – Cofounder of Purple Ant The current risk assessment process in personal and commercial lines The insurance industry today is brimming with traditional, easy to obtain classification data that has a loose correlation with losses instead of … Read more

Episode 10 – Purple Ponderings with Dave Wechsler @ Comcast

Video Version:   Audio Version:    

Purple Ponderings – Ep 9 – John and Bob of Hazardhub

Video:     Audio:   Pankaj chats with John and Bob of Hazardhub. Show Notes: Pankaj: Bob Frady: John Siegman: Purple Ant:  

Purple Ponderings – Ep 8 – Interview with Sean Harper, CEO of Kin

Video interview with Sean Harper: Show Notes: In this episode Sean Harper CEO of Kin shares his insights about how and why they are passionate about emerging technologies to create a different experience for customers and their journey from being Insuretech to MGA to carrier

Purple Pondering with Pankaj – E6: Pankaj Interviews Guy Russ of Church Mutual

(we apologize for the audio interference in this recording.) In this episode, Guy Russ shares his perspective on IoT use case that Church Mutual has benefited from. Connect with Guy Russ – Book recommended by Guy – Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman:   LISTEN HERE:   WATCH HERE: