Fear in the Insurance Jungle – the Condo Policy

Not many speak of the elephant in the insurance room, even though there are thousands of them: condominium policies.  Often thought of as the Renters policies grown-up brother, the condo (and also the co-op) policy is the requirement renters encounter when they move from renter to owner. So what’s the big deal?  Renter policy, condo … Read more

The Insurance Elephant Is Not High Maintenance – Even If Innovators Think So

“I’m just a regular customer,” the Elephant muses. “I don’t need fancy or complicated, I simply need attention when I need attention.  Sometimes I don’t even know what attention I need; I am uninformed to the point where I trust those who help me in providing me what I need.  I’m a casual trouser and … Read more

Calling an Expert to Assist With a Claim is Simply Prudent

Adjusting staff are, upon training, very knowledgeable folks.  The nature of claim adjusting exposes staff to a breadth of claim scenarios, damages, and inspection sites.  While there is no ‘owner’s manual’ to which one can refer in investigating claims, there is the wealth of personal and team knowledge available to address most inspections. Unfortunately, the … Read more

Don’t be Fooled by Other Peoples’ Idea of What Insurance is- It’s a Cool Business

Don’t be Fooled by Other Peoples’ Idea of What Insurance is- It’s a Cool Business Stodgy, stodgy, stodgy, blah, blah, blah- Insurance is a business that my uncle on my mother’s side was in.  He always wore the same tie, office with dark paneling that cigarette smoke had darkened further in ways I could never … Read more

Latency Catastrophes – Will There Be Another Asbestos?

  An underwriter can be deemed the wizard of the insurance industry, peering into his/her magic ball to ensure they are well-positioned to react to a culture shift in an ever-changing market.    Bob Reville delved into these proverbial underwriting powers as he wondered what the next “latency  catastrophe” may be in his article, “The … Read more