Make It a Priority to be at InsNerds Day – You Won’t Regret It

Insurance Nerds Day is right around the corner (Sept. 28th!) , which baffles me. It feels like just a month ago I was meeting up with the most amazing and interesting people in insurance – no really, they are. It’s taken me a while to process that day – arguably, I’m still processing it. It … Read more

A Brief Interview with Rob Galbraith, Author & Director of Innovation at AF Group

This is the third in a series of brief interviews with speakers, presenters, moderators or panelists at the Society of Insurance Research Annual Conference and Exhibits, which is being held October 20-22 in Charlotte, NC. You can register for the event here: What is your name and what do you do? My name is … Read more

I Did Not Get the Job

A little while ago, I applied for an internal position I really, really wanted. It meshed well with my skills and enthusiasm for insurance. It also would have helped me grow in ways that I would not have thought possible this early on in my career. I did some interview prep, including mock interviews, and … Read more

Take Your Dog to Work Day – At the Insurance Office?

To continue along my controversial article track, let’s tackle the idea of Take Your Dog to Work Day (referred to as TYDTWD). We’re past that point in the summer as the day is always scheduled for the Friday after Father’s Day (June 22nd in 2018), but this way you’ll have nearly a year to debate … Read more

Oh Tattoos, How I Love You – and Insurance Co’s Should Too

Oh, tattoos. That ancient process of injecting oneself with foreign pigments for the sake of symbolism, religion, or beauty. Or, if you’re a millennial, as a representation of your identity. While tattoos go back eons their recent mainstream popularity is a relatively new phenomenon, and due to the gap in ages within insurance, it can … Read more