Data or Water

Data or Water? Some memories are hard to shake. Even though we’re in the dead of winter right now, I caught a glimpse of my bike in my apartment and remembered a painful moment from my training last summer. The fact that it stuck with me is telling. It was as powerful as it was … Read more

Why I Learned to Love Reinsurance

I stumbled into the industry. My first brush with reinsurance came around 15 years ago, when I was asked to help with a new business proposal during my stint at a management consulting shop. I’d done some system implementation work on the primary market side, but reinsurance was largely foreign to me. We didn’t win … Read more

Cyber: How Bad Could 2017 Have Been?

Four hurricanes and six wildfires made for a busy 2017. So, with all the losses mounting through the third and fourth quarters, it’s understandable that you might not have noticed the heavy cyber losses that occurred as well. Three large risk losses led to approximately $430 million in cyber insurance losses last year, according to … Read more