Bullet Journaling Changed My Life

I have a confession to make, that won’t surprise anyone who knows me, I’m incredibly messy and disorganized. I’m not just a little disorganized, I’m chronically, pathologically disorganized. I’m quite simply missing the organization gene. My girlfriend on the other hand is absolutely organized and has her entire life in perfect German order. Somehow she … Read more

Tony’s New Adventure

I’m incredibly excited to announce my new adventure: Starting January 2, 2018 I’ll be joining The Jacobson Group, the largest insurance staffing firm, as a National Territory Manager/Client Adviser. This role better aligns with our mission at InsNerds and will help me have a bigger platform to help improve the overall #insurance industry to make it better … Read more

Archetypes of Insurance Professionals in 2017

A few months ago, I found myself in the position of having become so visible in the insurance industry that I was getting a few requests for career advice each week. I was spending too much time emailing back and forth setting up phone conversations, figuring out time zones and available times. I decided to … Read more