Get Ready! with Jack Schmitz and Maxwell Schmitz (E9): What’s going on with disability insurance and long term care insurance.

“Work hard & insure your income” Jack Schmitz “Challenge yourself to think about others who’ve had major health issues. You can live through a lot and there’s no need to suffer financially on your road to recovery.” Maxwell Schmitz In this episode of Get Ready!, I spoke with Jack Schmitz, President of DI & LTC … Read more

GET READY! with Tony Steuer: E7 – Using Innovative Technology To Empower Financial Preparedness

“Every interaction is a learning opportunity. Listen to your audience/customer, irrespective whether you are a business or are an employer, attempt to truly learn more about your user base or your team. The more you understand the need, the better you will be able to serve.” Roshni Chowdhry “Financial literacy is the first step, you … Read more

Get Ready! with Tony Steuer – E6 Neil Granger: Best Practices for Identifying and Preventing Elder Financial Abuse

Educate Yourself: Whether you are an advisor or a consumer, take advantage of available resources – Neil Granger In this episode of GET READY!, I spoke with Neil Granger who specializes in the identification and prevention of elder financial abuse. Neil and I discussed best practices for insurance agents, common fraud techniques and elder financial … Read more