Awesome Links

Some insurance websites we really respect:

International Risk Management Institute (IRMI): IRMI has been around since 1978 when they published 3-ring binders with reference information and subscribers received quarterly printed updates. By now their 75,000 pages of content are all online and if you work for a big carrier or big broker chances are you already have access to them. IRMI should be your go-to place for insurance and risk management reference information.

Insurance Thought Leadership: Since 2010, ITL has strived to become an invitation-only platform where the top 200 or so thought leaders from all corners of our industry post their best ideas about everything from Actuarial Analysis to Workers Comp. ITL has developed a loyal following of 300,000+ readers, and if you’re not one of them, you’re quite simply falling behind! ITL was the inspiration for which of course you should also check out often to keep up-to-date.

Coverager: THE place for InsurTech coverage, subscribe to their mailing list!

AgencyNation: Something like InsNerds for the agency side, supported by TrustedChoice.

Bill Wilson’s Insurance Commentary: Bill is one of the very top technical experts on insurance. He’s technically “retired” but actively writing awesome and informative articles on his blog.

Insurance Journal: Tony’s favorite insurance trade magazine.

Property Casualty 360: A wonderful online magazine by National Underwriter.

CPCU Society: The premiere professional organization for insurance professionals. You do have your CPCU right?

Emphasis : Quarterly magazine for insurance executives by insurance consulting company extraordinaire Towers Watson. The articles are in-depth, cutting-edge, and genuinely excellent. We don’t know many lower and mid-level insurance professionals who read it, so this one is a bit of a secret. Give yourself the upper hand by reading the magazine the executives in our industry read.

The Human Workplace: Website or LinkedIn. Liz Ryan is one of our favorite and most prolific career writers on LinkedIn. She has a magical way of grabbing complicated career issues and bringing them down to earth (all illustrated with whimsical drawings of her own making). We love her articles!

Career Tools and Manager Tools: The best business podcast in the world, topically organized into hundreds of timeless topics. This is what you should listen on your commute every day. My only complaint is that I wish they also had Sales Tools and Marketing Tools.

Wait But Why: Tony’s very favorite blog.

XKCD: A must for nerds.

GoodReads: Leaders are readers. This is the best place to organize your reading in a social way. Both Carly and Tony love it. Chess it he game of thinkers and is the best online place to play it. Challenge Tony to a game!

Erie Insurance: Regional commercially focused carrier. They make possible since they employ Carly.

Insureon: Startup working to help you easily buy small business insurance.