What’s Happening in Homeowners

Cyber insurance, autonomous vehicle insurance, on-demand bird scooter rental insurance . . . There’s a lot going on in the trendy areas of the insurance industry right now but it’s also a dynamic time for homeowners insurance. From IoT to big data to weather – in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery we talk about … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E167: Teaching Employees to be Safe, With Blaine Hoffmann, Podcaster and VP of iReportSource

Delays to the treatment of injured employees makes that ultimate treatment more expensive. Educating employees on workplace safety and how technology can help employers and employees aggressively tackle injuries and treatment was the subject of my conversation with Blaine Hoffmann of iReportSource. LISTEN HERE: OR WATCH HERE: CONNECT WITH BLAINE HOFFMANN: LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/blainejhoffmann/ The SafetyPro Podcast … Read more

The One With Rob Galbraith

I happened to catch The Most Interesting Man in Insurance in the insurance wild.  He was releasing his book, The End of Insurance As We Know It, at the Insurance Library Association of Boston.

While on my insurance safari, Rob Galbraith spoke with Nick Lamparelli about some major themes in his book.  Then he opened to the audience for any questions.

During audience participation, Dan Findley of the Andover Companies showed that even carriers that have centuries of experience are looking to the future when he asked Rob:

What should incumbent carriers be thinking (read:  worried about) when it comes to new insurtechs entering the marketplace?

Rob gives us a couple of non-insurance examples in his response.  And you’ll be surprised when he says the time to worry is not when the insurtechs are doing what the carriers are doing.  But something else.

We were able to capture this moment of the Q & A in this episode of The Insurance Nerdery.