Readers’ Voice #8

Every day in our newsletter we ask a question of our readers. Here are some of our favorite responses recently.   Is there an insurance conference you hated and will never go back? Why? So far, I haven’t attended an insurance conference that wasn’t valuable. I’ve attended ITA Live, IASA, The property insurance summit by … Read more

Preference vs Efficiency

It’s a general fact that insurance is far behind the times as far as technology goes. Many companies are working on updating their systems (though some aren’t) and with that comes a lot of headaches. A rather overlooked headache is that, while transitioning, there are often multiple ways of doing one operation. Employees will often … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E95: The Complexities of the High-Net Worth Space with Lisa Lindsay & Azeema Hartley of the PRMA

This episode is sponsored by  IA Path – Unlocking Your Adjusting Superpowers. Go to The Private Risk Management Association (PRMA) is a non-profit, industry association whose mission is to provide an ecosystem of support to professionals involved in the high-net worth space. The PRMA provides education, collaboration, networking and awareness raising for incredibly complex exposures. In … Read more