The Attachment Point: Slackchat #1

With a little inspiration from 538 and frequent Insurance Nerds contributor, Rob Galbraith, we’re trying something new!  We love the interactivity of our podcasts, but as busy insurance professionals, we were finding it hard to find time to connect.  Starting today, you can expect a recurring series of posts titled The Attachment Point to appear on or around Thursday … Read more

One Year Later: Why I Chose Insurance

This article originally posted on June 20th, 2017 on LinkedIn. Republished here with the author’s permission because it contains some gems! Remember that question we were always asked as kids… What do you want to be when you grow up? And do you remember when everyone raised their hands and said that they wanted to … Read more

Slay the Purple Rabbit – Ask, don’t assume, to improve work/life balance and increase engagement

This article originally published on LinkedIn. Republished here with the author’s permission. During a workplace presentation, a female executive shared her purple rabbit story and it has stuck with me. She had taken a new role with expanded responsibility while adjusting to motherhood. She was driving herself ragged to be present in the office by a … Read more