Get Ready! with Jack Schmitz and Maxwell Schmitz (E9): What’s going on with disability insurance and long term care insurance.

“Work hard & insure your income” Jack Schmitz “Challenge yourself to think about others who’ve had major health issues. You can live through a lot and there’s no need to suffer financially on your road to recovery.” Maxwell Schmitz In this episode of Get Ready!, I spoke with Jack Schmitz, President of DI & LTC … Read more

The First Ever Insurance Nerds Gift Exchange

Santa holding snowglobe

2019 is coming to a close, and the team here at Insurance Nerds had a crazy idea. . . What would be a fun way to celebrate the our growing community of passionate insurance professionals? How about a “Secret Santa” style gift exchange? We’ve never tried anything like this before, but a friend of ours … Read more

Protecting The Experience Mod

For states under NCCI’s rating system for Experience Modification Factors, many employers have been on the receiving end of a high mod due to claim activity causing a surcharge to the manual premium of their Work Comp policy. This can often lead to upset employers trying to mitigate further increases by taking matters into their … Read more