Workers’ Compensation vs Employer’s Liability

The Difference Between Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Today we continue our introductory series on Commercial Lines Insurance for personal lines agents, CSRs and underwriters. Most insured’s purchase Workers’ Compensation (WC) policies because of the legal requirement of the state(s) have that they are operating in.  But, what most insured’s don’t understand is the difference … Read more

Understanding Co-Insurance

Today we continue our introductory series to Commercial Lines meant for personal lines focused agents, CSRs and underwriters who are looking at transitioning into commercial lines. One of the often confusing aspects of commercial lines is the concept of co-insurance. But don’t despair, we’ll break it down to it’s basic components! Image via Commercial … Read more

A Game Changer for your Residential Investors

Disclaimer: We try to write articles that are informational and interesting for insurance professionals, and we very rarely talk about our employers’ specific products or services. Whenever we do, we fully disclose the connection. This is one of those times. Today’s article is about a product that Tony’s employer, American Modern Insurance offers. We decided … Read more