Insuring the Future of Personal Transportation

Auto Insurance Today For over 100 years personal auto insurance has worked in roughly the same way. Policies are written for each vehicle protecting both the vehicle and the owner in case of accident, theft or other damage. This simple system has worked well because the world of transportation remained somewhat stable. Cars are mostly owned … Read more

Understanding Named Insureds and Additional Insureds

Today we continue our series helping personal lines insurance professionals seeking to make the move to commercial lines. In the past we’ve written about Business Income, Worker’s Compensation/Employer’s Liability, Coinsurance and the Basics of Commercial Lines Insurance. What is the difference between a Named Insured and an Additional Insured? If you’ve ever been asked to … Read more

My 90 Days with Telematics in the Car

I’ve always been an early adopter. Here in the blog I have spent a lot of time talking about how technology might affect insurance in the future. When I moved to Atlanta and had to get a new car and new auto insurance I decided to try telematics for myself to see what it was like. … Read more

3 Key Takeaways from DigIn 2016

At the beginning of May, I had the pleasure of attending Insurance Networking News‘ first annual DigIn conference. This two-day conference was dedicated to the digital future of insurance. The agenda held titles like “Putting Data into Practice”, “User Centric Innovation in Insurance”, and “The Drones are Here.” It promised to be two days of hearing about … Read more

Insurance Careers: Much More Than Sales!

There is a myth out there, especially among students, that working in insurance means selling insurance. There certainly are many sales jobs in the insurance industry, and those can be very rewarding and incredibly profitable for those that have the right personality, skills and patience to play the long game and build their book of … Read more