Profiles in Risk – E137: Building An Insurance Company On Technology with Guest Werner Kruck, COO of Security First

Back in late 2018, Wesley Todd of CaseGlide and I were discussing the state of the insurtech world. We decided how interesting it would be to discuss building a tech-centric insurance organization with people who have decades of experience actually doing this. So, in the first of a many part series in 2019, Wes and I co-hosted … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E136: Brandon Schuh, Podcast Host of Risk Radio

Carey Anne Nadeau interviews Brandon Schuh, fellow podcast host of Risk Radio. In this episode, we discuss the ways insurance podcasts are benefiting the industry and how even casual listeners can contribute. To listen to Risk Radio, subscribe on Itunes: LISTEN HERE:   OR WATCH HERE: CONNECT WITH BRANDON: