Stop Your Lurking and Engage

  Too many people live to blend into the woodwork, to be middle of the pack. Not outstanding enough that people try to knock them off balance, but not mediocre sufficient that their heads are on a chopping block.  These are the words I wrote in a LinkedIn post two months back, and it got … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E210 – Julie Hutchinson, CEO of Core Performance

Tony interviews Julie Hutchinson, CEO of Core Performance who is dedicated to help you better manage stress and be more effective. Vide0 Version:   Audio Version:   Show Notes: Julie Hutchinson: Core Performance: Books mentioned: Stealing Fire: From Chaos to Coherence: The Happiness Advantage: Webinar: 5 Steps Busy Professionals Use … Read more

Join the No-Code Movement: Questions About No-Code Development You Always Wanted to Ask

If you are in the tech, insurance, or finance industry, chances are you have already heard people talking about no-code development. But what exactly is no-code and how can your company benefit from this? You’ve probably also wondered, is it really possible to develop customizable digital platforms without any coding required? To address that, I … Read more

The Insurance of Tomorrow: How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing the Global Insurance Industry

Over the past five years, a focus on “Digital Transformation” has become an oft-repeated mantra for insurers of all sizes. Leo Gavelas, CEO of the London-based Acronex Group and a former executive at MetLife, reflects on the fundamental industry changes that have occurred in recent years, how the US and European markets have adapted, and … Read more