Get Ready! with Sheryl Brown: Female Advocacy in the Financial Services Community

On business efficiency: take out the things that are big item expenses and try to pare those down. You’ll streamline your business, you’ll cut your costs and you’ll make yourself more efficient. The money that you save from that, reinvest that money into other areas marketing yourself and amplify your thought leadership instead. Sheryl Brown … Read more

PiR – E181: Collecting The Insurance User Experience with Meredith Kokas & Mike Crowe of Cleasurance

Recorded onsite at Cleasurance’s No. Andover, MA home office (Nick is sitting on a bean bag chair…pretty insurtechy), this episode is about capturing user experiences from the interaction of buyers, policyholders, claimants and other stakeholders to the insurance experience. Mike Crowe and Meredith Kokas describe why Cleasurance started, what they do, how they do it … Read more