Five Ways to Add Value That Do Not Cost You a Penny!

As a consumer of insurance, I am tired of hearing about how every carrier can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.  If this is true, if you switch often enough, insurance should theoretically be free… shouldn’t it? There is no perception of value when all that is communicated is the price! Consumers may … Read more

Are You Listening to Your Clients?

Ben Baker  February 15th 2019   Insurance, like every other industry, is racing to make sure it is technologically “superior.” Apps are created, dashboards, developed, AI integrated into business processes and machine learning utilized, attempting to better understand the business as it is today and how it will change over the next decade. HOWEVER, are … Read more

How to Suggest Increasing Coverage and Other Lines When Rates are Rising

How to Suggest Increasing Coverage and Other Lines When Rates are Rising By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal Show of hands, who gets nervous recommending increased coverage and other lines of business when someone has experienced a rate increase? OK, it’s kinda awkward because you are probably in your office or … Read more

Great For Mountains – Bad For Insurance

Personal lines insurance carriers have a problem, a problem of their own making, and it’s getting worse. The problem I’m talking about is the ‘ups’ (which are great for mountains, but bad for the carriers). The ups usually start at the first renewal and then keep cranking away for the next 5 – 7 years. … Read more