Empowering Agencies with Big Tech: AgencyBloc’s Innovation in Insurance (Profiles in Risk E557)

In this episode of Profiles in Risk (E557), Nick Lamparelli speaks with Tim Robinson and Corey Schmidt from AgencyBloc to delve into the transformative journey of their technology platform. As a CEO with extensive experience in software solutions across various industries, Tim Robinson shares his transition from web development to creating a comprehensive system designed … Read more

Agents & Brokers, Are Your Non-Competes KO’D??? 

FTC Bans Most Non-Compete Clauses!!! Here’s what you need to know: The Big Change: ‼️ The FTC banned most non-compete clauses for all workers, including insurance agents and brokers (effective 120 days after publication in the Federal Register, which would cause an effective date in August, 2024)‼️ What’s Not Affected: 🙅‍♂️ Non-Solicitation Agreements: You can … Read more

The Madonna of Insurance – Margo/Margeaux Giles, CEO of Irys Cloud (AoB S1E7)

Margeaux (notice the two spellings) is a native and resident of Florida. She is obsessed with puzzles and fixing things that are broken. Margo Giles has been involved in unique entrepreneurial ventures such as Zingo, where they provided (potentially) inebriated drinkers at bars a ride home…in their own vehicles (with the clever use of folding … Read more

From Ancient Rome to Your Insurance Agency: The Enduring Legacy of Fiduciary Duty

Accountants (and bookkeepers) fulfill several roles for our clients – risk managers, advocates, confidants, and fiduciary to name a few.  All these roles are vital, but from an accounting view one stands out above the rest:  fiduciary.   The concept of a fiduciary or trustee has spanned centuries and industries, but the core principle is … Read more

Enforcing Financial Integrity – The Importance of Separation of Duties

Financial management is difficult enough in the business world, but when you add the additional layer of complexity with fiduciary accounting (anything that deals with an insured’s money!), it is vital that an agency has processes in place that ensure integrity, accuracy, and security of accounting information. One key principle that plays a pivotal role … Read more