Does Your Agency Make Heads Turn?

Does Your Agency Make Heads Turn?

Does Your Agency Make Heads Turn?   Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal   With 36,000 agencies in America, does your agency make heads turn? If not, what is your strategy to stick out? Far too many agencies try to sell insurance to everyone and when you sell to everyone you speak … Read more

Profiles in Risk – Episode 34: David Wright and I Discuss Careers In Reinsurance & Broker Disintermediation

  OR SUBSCRIBE If you are reading this or listening to the podcast, you can thank Dave. I decided to try blogging (and subsequently decided to try podcasting) because I read one of Dave’s blog articles. We discussed blogging, podcasting, and studying for actuarial exams. Oh and Dave is a reinsurance broker, a partner at … Read more

Profiles in Risk – Episode 33: Tou Yang of Agent Ave, Improving Communication Between Agents & Carriers

  Or SUBSCRIBE In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I speak with Tou Yang, CEO and coFounder of Agent Ave. Imagine this, your desk and desktop monitor are covered with sticky notes, notebooks, manuals and other cheat sheets on the carrier information you need to conduct business. Tou started Agent Ave to solve this … Read more