Why would anyone form a captive?

Raise your hand — and be honest — if, during your formative years, you wanted to be an insurance company executive.  Did you raise your hand? You’re lying — through your teeth — because that would have been the absolute last thing on your list (Me? I wanted to be just like my guitar hero … Read more

Agent Built InsurTech Drives Deeper Client Relationships, Better Risk Management and Improved Client Experiences in the High Net Worth Insurance Space

My insurance career began 11 years ago when a pair of agency owners invited me to lunch. At that time, I worked as a payroll & benefits consultant and assisted them with a change in ownership structure. They were impressed by my professionalism, persistence, and marketing skills. I was interested in their laser-focus on the … Read more

Eat the Frog

I use a lot of analogies in my trainings.  Most of these are either sports related or are more real life examples of situations that I have run into myself or have been told working with agents throughout the country. The newest one that I have heard and been using is inspired by Mark Twain … Read more

My Favorite Line of Business to Sell

My favorite line of business to sell is an Umbrella policy.  There are a number of reasons for this. I’m going to give my top seven reasons why this is my favorite line of business to sell.  These are in no particular order except when it comes to the last one which is my number … Read more