5 Quick Fixes if you are in an Insurance Sales Slump

5 Quick Fixes if you are in an Insurance Sales Slump By Kelly Donahue President of Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder of Agency Appeal   We have all been there, right? The dreaded sales slump, when you are looking around at your pipeline and you only have a few tumbleweed tire kickers in there. You are … Read more

Life Insurance Sale Gone Bad

Disclaimer: this article discusses potentially-upsetting topics.   Somewhere along the line, I didn’t do my job. When the phone rang, I picked it up after two attempts to hit the right button, waking out of a sound sleep. Thanks to Phone ID, I could see that the call was from a dear friend and ex-team … Read more

How the Heck Do You Grow Personal Lines Departments Today?

By: Kelly Donahue-Piro President: Agency Performance Partners Co-Founder: Agency Appeal   Is your personal insurance department stagnant or shrinking? Seems like an awful lot of work and frustration to not be growing, right? Often times simple switches can bring big results to help grow your personal insurance book of business. Many agencies spend the bulk … Read more

The Confusing Nature of Financial Strength Ratings

Disclaimer: We normally only run articles aimed at Insurance Professionals, not the insurance buying public. We made an exception on this one because it includes a solid explanation of insurance companies financial strength ratings and it makes a call to action for the insurance industry. We will continue to focus almost exclusively on articles for … Read more

So You Want to Be a Sales Manager?

So You Want to Be a Sales Manager? By David Siekman @ Agency Performance Partners   I’m sure there are more challenging jobs on the planet than managing sales representatives, but none come immediately to mind!  All kidding aside, managing sales reps can be extremely challenging and frustrating.  The character attributes needed to be successful … Read more