Transforming Employee Benefits into Culture: Spotlight on Poms & Associates’ Angie Richards

“Sometimes my clients would worry because they could only afford benefits plans that were at-best like a car with a manual transmission,” she said. “I would tell them ‘I’m going to teach you how to drive it like a Ferrari.” Meet Angie Richards, Vice President at California-based Poms & Associates, who specializes in crafting top-tier employee … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E463 – Employee Benefit Plans on Steroids; Jordan Peace, Co-Founder & CEO of Fringe

Let’s think outside the box for a second. Employee benefits is a critical component of an employees compensation, which is a carrot to attract and retain them. What if, beyond just the standard health insurance (and other supplementary offerings), there were more options? What if things like Uber, AirBnB, Spotify memberships and more were available? … Read more