The A Word

There are many things that, to borrow a current phrase, I must ‘own’ that have had a detrimental effect to my career in the insurance industry. There are probably too many to mention in this article, but off the top of my now-baldy Gen X head, I’d say sporting a ponytail as a 30-something while … Read more

Senses Working Overtime

“I really believed that I was going to die, it was that bad. I just had to get off the stage. And that was the end for me and touring. I just couldn’t do it anymore.” – Andy Partridge, XTC.   I know a little about nerves. Or “stage fright” as it was rather uncharitably called … Read more

Commit to an Airline – Business Travel Done Right

There’s a good chance that if you follow Insurance Nerds’ career advice you’ll end up seeing significant career growth and sooner or later you’ll find yourself in a position that has you traveling a fair bit. Most insurance companies use a system (likely Concur or Egencia) to book corporate travel and they each have their … Read more

The Art of Asking: Trust in the Insurance World

Chances are you haven’t heard much about Amanda Palmer unless you are into some odd music. Her first claim to fame was through the Dresden Dolls, a band that mixes cabaret and punk music, and a second, arguably higher spike, with her record-breaking Kickstarter. The latter earned her articles in Huffpost, The Guardian, and The … Read more