5 Keys to Rock at Time Management

Today’s article is brought to us by a guest author, Justin Hardin. We all wish we had more time in our days.  We feels strongly that managing your time well can make all the difference in your productivity. Here are some of our top time management strategies:   1. Keep a To-Do List: Create a To-Do List … Read more

Early Bird Gets the Connection

Since joining the insurance industry, Carly and Tony have been to tons of industry events. CPCU Society local and national meetings, RIMS meetings, and Big I events to name but a few. Many connections have come out of remaining active in those groups, and here is one tip that you might not have heard before: to maximize … Read more

Mistakes vs Missteps: The Critical Difference

I spent most of my four years of college living at Theta Delta Chi fraternity. While most people who never lived in a fraternity think that it was all about parties and intramural sports, in my experience, they are also all about preparing young men to become leaders in the post-college world. At Theta Delta … Read more