Profiles in Risk – E50: Bryan Falchuk, Best Selling Author of Do A Day and Head of Claims at Hiscox USA

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a re-broadcast of a special episode we had with author, life coach and claims professional Bryan Falchuk. Bryan Falchuk lost 100 lbs, got his life under control and now leads claims for Hiscox USA. He tells us his story and gives incredible advice both for insurance carriers and insurance professionals. Do … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E49: Carly, Nick & Rob Galbraith Discuss Gen-X & Career Development

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a re-broadcast of an episode of The Attachment Point where Carly, Nick & Rob discussed the challenges and difficulties of Gen-Xers in career development. ROB GALBRAITH – and BOOKS DISCUSSED ON THE SHOW: THE BRAND YOU – TOM PETERS KNOWN BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY LORDS OF STRATEGY THE END OF COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE   … Read more

Tony’s New Adventure

I’m incredibly excited to announce my new adventure: Starting January 2, 2018 I’ll be joining The Jacobson Group, the largest insurance staffing firm, as a National Territory Manager/Client Adviser. This role better aligns with our mission at InsNerds and will help me have a bigger platform to help improve the overall #insurance industry to make it better … Read more

Unleash the Power of the Personal Schedule

Winning habits aren’t always the most complex. Enhance clarity to build consistency and establish accountability through the simple discipline of scheduling. Scheduling is the process of having a plan, or at least attempting to set up how your day will ideally go. Writing down your goals is important to do on the macro level of … Read more

Go Get a Hobby My Fellow Nerd

I’ll admit – I’ve followed many a “what have you been up to?” with “ugh, working a lot.” And, while it may be true, there are plenty of more interesting things I could mention. I’ve picked up quite a few new hobbies in the last year, read a bunch of books, and had meaningful things … Read more