Mach10 Works Quick Tip: How to Create a Great Resume

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Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 121 – Useless work you should stop doing

There’s a very good chance, some of the work you’re doing is absolutely useless and nobody actually ever looks at it!

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 120 – When you choose your first job you’re signing a lease, not getting married

Recent college grads, especially RMI majors, tend to worry too much about choosing the right first job, the reality is it’s more like signing a lease, not getting married.

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 119 – Selling life insurance is one of the hardest jobs in insurance


I’ve been getting a lot of calls at asking about entry level jobs selling life insurance with promises of a TON of money. Generally they’re concerned it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme. It’s not. But it is a TOUGH job.

Hey #Insurance​ – Ep 118 – How and why to negotiate your salary

Negotiating your salary is crucial and you don’t do it often, so you don’t have a chance to get good at it! On the other hand the HR rep or hiring manager does it a lot more often. Here’s what you need to know!