Profiles in Risk – Episode 34: David Wright and I Discuss Careers In Reinsurance & Broker Disintermediation

  OR SUBSCRIBE If you are reading this or listening to the podcast, you can thank Dave. I decided to try blogging (and subsequently decided to try podcasting) because I read one of Dave’s blog articles. We discussed blogging, podcasting, and studying for actuarial exams. Oh and Dave is a reinsurance broker, a partner at … Read more

An Industry Where Everybody Fits by Joshua Rubin

Insurance, as an industry has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, currently hovering around 2%. This is compared to a national average of roughly 4%.  Average insurance employees work about 38 hours a week, and make about $34.00 an hour. A quick back of the envelope calculation (38 hours x 52 … Read more

We’ve Read It For You – An InsNerds Book Review Of Blue Ocean Strategy

Some books are so good, you must read them. Others are so important, you must study them! This is one you should study. Blue Ocean Strategy is an important book for anyone seeking a strategy that can help them in their career and in business. For generations, business schools have taught some form of strategy for business … Read more