The One Way to Know You Work for a Great Company

Carly and Tony met at Nationwide Insurance, and very recently Nationwide made its first appearance in the 2015 Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. This has caused us to spend more time than usual thinking about exactly what makes a great employer. This is certainly a big question, and this article could have easily … Read more

5 Tips for Writing your Individual Development Plan

Many companies have added a formal “Individual Development Plan” to their performance assessment program. Carly is due in the HR online system by the end of the first quarter. It is tempting and common to look at this as simply another requirement to check off in the course of your busy day to day job. … Read more

7 Ways to Overcome the Guilt of Taking Time Off

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5 Strategies to Advance Your Career as an Hourly Employee

In 2019 we added a video companion to this article:   So you went to school for 5 years, got your college degree and found yourself working an hourly job even with degree in hand? That sucks! But don’t despair, it’s happened to many, many of us. There are certainly advantages to being a non-exempt … Read more

4 Cornerstones for a Strong Brand

This was the very first guest article to ever be featured on InsNerds. By Steve Foster, Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young – Global Insurance Underwriting Practice. Cornerstones for a strong brand for today’s Insurance Professional The insurance industry serves a major purpose for the public. [tweet_dis]#Insurance contracts are often overlooked by consumers who blindly … Read more