8 Necessities for Young Professionals

With the holidays upon us, you might be thinking of gifts for the people in your life. Maybe you’ve got a young person who is just starting their career, or maybe you are a young professional wondering if you’re missing anything you should have that can help you along the way. We’ve made a list … Read more

7 Steps to Goal Setting like Tony

“Write to be understood. Speak to be heard. Read to grow.” Lawrence Clark Powell. In 2019 we added a video companion to this article: In the last few years, one question that keeps coming up is “How did you manage to get all those letters after your name?” When I explain that I have a … Read more

Perfecting Your Handshake in 7 Easy Steps

You can tell a lot from a person’s handshake, especially how confident they are. Having a proper handshake is a huge part of your first impression and can have a resounding impact on your career, so it is absolutely crucian that you get it right every time. My favorite career resource, Manager Tools has a … Read more

Write Handwritten Thank You Notes

Update: In 2019 we added a video version of this article:   Thank you notes are a dying art, and you can really stand out by sending them often. Emails don’t count! It has to be handwritten and sincere to really shine. They are so rare that you can be be sure it will make … Read more