Negotiation Jujitsu and Other Useful Skills

Today, we dig a little deeper into negotiations. In case you missed it, make sure you check out last week’s article “Negotiating Like a Trained Expert the Easy and Effective Way.” Life is (almost) never a zero sum game A zero sum game is one where one side must lose for the other one to … Read more

Profiles in Risk – Episode 24 – Jeremy Rettig: “It All Started At A Bar…”

[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″] or Subscribe. In his own words: “I was never formally educated, I’m not very talented, and my IQ is average (at best). I was too small for football, too slow for soccer, and too anxious for baseball. I haven’t been very lucky, I rarely caught a break, and still have never been given … Read more

Study Tips – How To Be Awesome in 10 Steps

I’ve had a longstanding love/hate relationship with professional exams since starting my career. I’ve done CFA exams and actuarial exams (CFA are easier.. just). I’ve passed exams; I’ve failed exams. I’ve panicked in an exam and failed. I’ve cried after passing an exam. I was once so ashamed of myself after failing (fourth fail in … Read more