Five lessons learned from a call center – don’t be afraid of starting front-line

This article was originally published on LinkedIn and it’s reproduced here with permission from the author. March 13th, 2006 – I started my first “real” job as a licensed insurance agent in a call center. I never planned to work in insurance and certainly never contemplated staffing the phones. I had taken a gap time following … Read more

Career Breaks

I have some advice for you, and it’s very simple: chase your dreams, whatever those may be. In the excellent recent Netflix original documentary, Jim & Andy, Jim Carrey talks of his father’s career frustrations; how he compromised his career and took a job as an accountant in order to provide for his family. When he … Read more

Unleash the Power of the Personal Schedule

Winning habits aren’t always the most complex. Enhance clarity to build consistency and establish accountability through the simple discipline of scheduling. Scheduling is the process of having a plan, or at least attempting to set up how your day will ideally go. Writing down your goals is important to do on the macro level of … Read more