Calling an Expert to Assist With a Claim is Simply Prudent

Adjusting staff are, upon training, very knowledgeable folks.  The nature of claim adjusting exposes staff to a breadth of claim scenarios, damages, and inspection sites.  While there is no ‘owner’s manual’ to which one can refer in investigating claims, there is the wealth of personal and team knowledge available to address most inspections. Unfortunately, the … Read more

The Impact of Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Laws on Claim Declination Letters

This article originally appeared on Bill Wilson’s awesome Insurance Commentary. Republished here with his permission. This is an excerpt from his new book When Words Collide: Resolving Insurance Coverage and Claims Disputes, published by Insurance Nerds and now available for pre-order. Last week, I blogged about “Claim Declination and Reservation of Rights Letters” and led off … Read more

Claim Declination and Reservation of Rights Letters

This article originally published on Bill Wilson’s awesome Insurance Commentary, republished here with the author’s permission. This particular article is an excerpt from his upcoming book When Words Collide, published by Insurance Nerds. The first rule in the claim resolution process is to never accept an oral declination of coverage. It’s not only a bad idea, it’s … Read more