Profiles in Risk – E50: Bryan Falchuk, Best Selling Author of Do A Day and Head of Claims at Hiscox USA

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a re-broadcast of a special episode we had with author, life coach and claims professional Bryan Falchuk. Bryan Falchuk lost 100 lbs, got his life under control and now leads claims for Hiscox USA. He tells us his story and gives incredible advice both for insurance carriers and insurance professionals. Do … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E43: Will Kastroll & I Catchup on Hurricane Irma & The Naples, FL Cleanup

OR SUBSCRIBE   In this episode of Profiles in Risk, I catchup with Will Kastroll of Harbour Insurance based in Naples Florida. Naples was ground-zero for a second Florida landfall (Key West being the first). Will’s office was significantly damaged. In our face to face, we discussed finding his quest to find temporary office space, … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E42: Will Kastroll of Harbour Insurance Immediately After Hurricane Irma

OR SUBSCRIBE This is a previously recorded episode of The Attachment Point, immediately following Hurricane Irma. Even this episode is several weeks old, I decided to re-post it here for listeners to hear what Will had to say immediately following Irma versus Episode 43 (also broadcast on the same day) where Will and I discuss … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E39: Wesley Todd on the Corruption of Assignment of Benefits

OR SUBSCRIBE   In this episode, I speak with Wes Todd, CEO of Caseglide, who has been on the show twice before and is shooting to become the first member of Profile in Risk’s Five-Timers Club (or as I mistakenly referred to as the Fivers Club) We discussed Assignment of Benefits in insurance and how this legal concept … Read more

Claims Is The Place To Be!

This article originally published at   It seems like only yesterday I was walking up to the next drill station at summer basketball camp.  I can still hear the former head scout of the Boston Celtics leading off this drill: “Over this week you’ll hear a lot of smart people telling you things like … Read more