Agents & Brokers, Are Your Non-Competes KO’D??? 

FTC Bans Most Non-Compete Clauses!!! Here’s what you need to know: The Big Change: ‼️ The FTC banned most non-compete clauses for all workers, including insurance agents and brokers (effective 120 days after publication in the Federal Register, which would cause an effective date in August, 2024)‼️ What’s Not Affected: 🙅‍♂️ Non-Solicitation Agreements: You can … Read more

Compliance Corner: A General Primer on the Insurance Claims Appraisals

Compliance Corner: A General Primer on the Insurance Claims Appraisals Have you ever talked with someone working in another aspect of your industry and felt enriched in your craft after the conversation because of what you learned from your colleague? As an attorney who supports vast areas of a business, I’m a little spoiled. I … Read more

What 🍕Pizza🍕 Boxes Have In Common With Compliance Programs

Happy National Pizza Week to those in the U.S., and for those all around the world, International Pizza Day is February 9, 2024. If you know me, you know that I like a podcast that bends my mind while I’m doing some handy (or not very handy) work outside of my day job. I recently … Read more

Compliance Corner: Reporting Suspected Insurance Fraud

This edition of Compliance Corner is intended to provide some direction to insurance professionals when faced with a scenario of suspicious activity. Unfortunately, if you’ve been in the business, you’re not a stranger to the circumstance of ‘it appears that something is not right and it looks or feels like insurance fraud.’ The following provides … Read more

What You Need To Know If You Receive a DOI Complaint – Compliance Corner

DOI Complaints…. The subject of many blockbuster movies. Well… Maybe not. However, if mishandled DOI Complaints can unfortunately result in regulatory investigations, fines, penalties, loss of regulator trust, reputational hazard, bad evidence, and loss of consumer trust.  DOI Complaints can be an opportunity to double check that the organization’s processes and actions are in line … Read more