Five Ways to Add Value That Do Not Cost You a Penny!

As a consumer of insurance, I am tired of hearing about how every carrier can save you hundreds of dollars on your insurance.  If this is true, if you switch often enough, insurance should theoretically be free… shouldn’t it? There is no perception of value when all that is communicated is the price! Consumers may … Read more

Global Insurance Symposium (April 23-25, 2019: Des Moines IA)

The Global Insurance Symposium features a powerhouse agenda of keynote and panel speakers and networking sessions. Speakers include state insurance commissioners, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and regulatory representatives from across the globe. Where? Des Moines, Iowa is widely recognized as an insurance hub with more than 200 insurance companies statewide. Des Moines is home to Athene, … Read more

ITA LIVE (May 5-7, 2019: Ft Lauderdale, FL)

The InsurTech Revolution: Cutting Through the Hype Fostering New Partnerships that are Driving Successful Transformation With over 1300 new insurtech companies flooding the market, this technological tsunami can have an IT executives head spinning. And whether you’re looking to invest or just leverage the assets of these new technologies, it’s awfully hard to figure out … Read more

Profiles in Risk – E147: Aviad Pinkovezky, Chief Product Officer at Hippo Insurance (Insurance AI & Analytics USA Conference Preview)

In this special episode of Profiles in Risk, I preview The Insurance Nexus Insurance AI & Analytics USA Conference (May 2 & 3 – Chicago: Use code INSNERDSAI200 to get $200 off) by talking about Creating an Outstanding Customer Experience From The Ground Up  with Aviad Pinkovezky, Chief Product Officer at Hippo Insurance. In this episode … Read more