A Brief Interview w/ Amber Wuollet, Director of Marketing at Bold Penguin

In this brief interview, Amber and Nick discussed Bold Penguin’s new agency platform initiative. Bold Penguin’s mission is to make it easier for the agent/broker to be able to quickly and painlessly place business into the insurance ecosystem. Amber discusses the how easy it is, using AI (powered by penguins) to examine text wording to … Read more

A Brief Interview with Joshua Hollander, CEO from Exec Search Firm, Horton International

In this interview, Josh and Nick discussed the talent crises in insurance. Companies in the insurance ecosystem are feeling the pinch of finding quality insurance professionals. Part of the problem is that the industry is not fully competing with other industries such as finance and technology for this talent. Young professionals have lots of options … Read more

A Brief Interview With Shawn Anderson, Emerging Technology Architect at Sunlight Solutions

In this interview, Shawn Anderson and I discussed the current state of legacy IT within insurers and go through some examples of cases where Sunlight Solutions was able to circumvent those issues to speed up product and line creation within insurers. This interview was conducted at the Hartford Insurtech Symposium, Nov 2019 Connect with Shawn … Read more