How To Pass CPCU in a Flash – It Doesn’t Take a Genius

How To Pass CPCU in a Flash – It Doesn’t Take a Genius When I first started my finance and insurance career, I stumbled upon articles written by the Co-Founders Tony and Carly on LinkedIn, and eventually this blog, that showed a simple system to pass CPCU. With their motivation and advice, I passed all … Read more

Pay it Forward with CPCU

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward? It was released back in 2000 starring Kevin Spacey, Haley Jo Osment and Helen Hunt. Osment’s character is challenged by his teacher to devise a plan to change society for the better. He helps three people, telling them instead of paying him back; they must pay it … Read more

Should you wait for the next CPCU Hawaii?

So we finally convinced you to start working on your CPCU? Awesome! Of course, we can also help you pass the CPCU tests and even give you some tips on how to do CPCU in a hurry. But the biggest question remains: Now that the 2016 Annual Meeting in Hawaii is over, should you wait until the … Read more

How to Rock CPCU Hawaii 2016

The CPCU Society Annual Meeting is the insurance event of the year, and this year’s event in Hawaii and is expected to be the insurance event of the decade! Whether you’re one of the 5,000+ new designees or you’re a returning CPCU your friends here at want to make sure you have all the tools you need … Read more

Doing CPCU on a Budget

We’ve written a lot about why you should start CPCU today and how to do it because most of us are very lucky to work at carriers and agencies that are willing to pay for CPCU, but if you happen to work for a smaller agency or a carrier that doesn’t pay for CPCU, there … Read more