How to Bounce Back from a Non Pass in a CPCU Test

You followed all of our tips for the CPCU test, and yet when you got to the end of the test, sweating profusely, you clicked on the button to submit for grading and *gasp*, you see a big glaring heart-breaking “Non Pass”. The screen reads “Non Pass” but in your head it screams “FAIL” with a … Read more

CPCU is the Beginning of the Journey

There are many great reasons to pursue CPCU, and we have posted articles on how to survive CPCU and even on how to do it in a hurry. Once they get going, most people think taking the last exam and going to the CPCU Society Annual Meeting is the end of their journey. But while [tweet_dis]finishing #CPCU absolutely deserves … Read more

Hacking the CPCU Society Annual Meeting

I love, love, love the Annual Meeting! I love it so much that I have not missed a single one since I got my CPCU in 2011. I love it so much that I skipped part of a Europe trip with my girlfriend to attend Anaheim 2014 (she now knows never to schedule anything to … Read more

10 Tips to Make the Most of the CPCU Society Annual Meeting

There is a newer version of this article updated for 2016 here. Remember back in April when Carly attended the CPCU Society Leadership Summit and we shared our top 10 Tips to Make the Most of the Leadership Summit? Well, Friday marks the beginning of the 2015 CPCU Society Annual Meeting, also known as Christmas … Read more