Let’s Sponsor a Free #RMI Education on #Coursera

This article originally appeared on InsNerds.com [tweet_dis excerpt=”The average age of an #insurance professional in the US is around 60″]The average age of an insurance professional in the US is around 60 years old[/tweet_dis]. Different estimates place the [tweet_dis excerpt=”Giant wave of retirements hitting #insurance industry about 50%”]giant wave of retirements coming our way at … Read more

Insurance Paradise

2017 Update: A much better version:   I watched too much Glee this week and I was sitting at the office today with Coolio’s masterpiece Gangster’s Paradise stuck in my head and I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s my absolutely awful version of Insurance Paradise! (Listen at your own risk, I have no voice, no … Read more

Hacking the CPCU Society Annual Meeting

I love, love, love the Annual Meeting! I love it so much that I have not missed a single one since I got my CPCU in 2011. I love it so much that I skipped part of a Europe trip with my girlfriend to attend Anaheim 2014 (she now knows never to schedule anything to … Read more

#InsuranceRocks – Let’s Start a Movement!

#InsuranceRocks – Because Insurance is an Awesome Industry! Those of us who work in the industry know that insurance is an awesome industry to work in. Unfortunately it’s also a complex industry, and we are misunderstood by the public, especially the younger generations. This has caused many people to have a negative impression of the … Read more