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Some of our readers have been asking for InsNerds swag so we finally decided to comply. The collection will grow over time but for now you can be the coolest Insurance Nerds in the office with our official InsNerds Coffee Mug, Tote Bag and T-Shirt:   Click here to show your InsNerds Pride!

Let’s Sponsor a Free #RMI Education on #Coursera

This article originally appeared on The average age of an insurance professional in the US is around 60 years old. Different estimates place the giant wave of retirements coming our way at around 50% by 2020. The US Department of Labor estimates that between retirements and growth we’ll need to hire 400,000 people in … Read more

Insurance Paradise

2017 Update: A much better version:   I watched too much Glee this week and I was sitting at the office today with Coolio’s masterpiece Gangster’s Paradise stuck in my head and I just couldn’t help myself. Here’s my absolutely awful version of Insurance Paradise! (Listen at your own risk, I have no voice, no … Read more

#InsuranceRocks – Let’s Start a Movement!

#InsuranceRocks – Because Insurance is an Awesome Industry! Those of us who work in the industry know that insurance is an awesome industry to work in. Unfortunately it’s also a complex industry, and we are misunderstood by the public, especially the younger generations. This has caused many people to have a negative impression of the … Read more