What Exactly is a Nerdery?

So glad you asked! The best way to describe it is to take our Delorean back to 1901 when Julia Davis Chandler published a little something about peanut butter and jelly.  Better yet, let’s dial the Flux Capacitor to 1927 when H.B. Reese balled up some peanut butter and dipped it into chocolate. via GIPHY Oh wait, … Read more

To Attract Employees, Stop Calling It Insurance

Much has been made in recent years of the need to attract more professionals and particularly those in their early career years to the insurance industry. Efforts that have coalesced around an annual #insurancecareersmonth in February are commendable, but they are hampered by a simple fact that should be acknowledged and addressed: “insurance” is a … Read more

Take Your Dog to Work Day – At the Insurance Office?

To continue along my controversial article track, let’s tackle the idea of Take Your Dog to Work Day (referred to as TYDTWD). We’re past that point in the summer as the day is always scheduled for the Friday after Father’s Day (June 22nd in 2018), but this way you’ll have nearly a year to debate … Read more

Oh Tattoos, How I Love You – and Insurance Co’s Should Too

Oh, tattoos. That ancient process of injecting oneself with foreign pigments for the sake of symbolism, religion, or beauty. Or, if you’re a millennial, as a representation of your identity. While tattoos go back eons their recent mainstream popularity is a relatively new phenomenon, and due to the gap in ages within insurance, it can … Read more

Show Your Insurance Pride with InsNerds Swag!

Some of our readers have been asking for InsNerds swag so we finally decided to comply. The collection will grow over time but for now you can be the coolest Insurance Nerds in the office with our official InsNerds Coffee Mug, Tote Bag and T-Shirt:   Click here to show your InsNerds Pride!