MGA Excellence: AM Best and Performance Assessments of Delegated Authority – (Assignment of Benefits Podcast S1E10) )

The episode of The Assignment of Benefits Podcast features Dawn Walker from AM Best discussing delegated authority, her background in risk management, and the performance assessment methodology for underwriting authorities, emphasizing transparency and innovation in the insurance sector. 💳 AM Best, with a 125-year history, focuses on providing transparency in the insurance market through credit … Read more

From Ancient Rome to Your Insurance Agency: The Enduring Legacy of Fiduciary Duty

Accountants (and bookkeepers) fulfill several roles for our clients – risk managers, advocates, confidants, and fiduciary to name a few.  All these roles are vital, but from an accounting view one stands out above the rest:  fiduciary.   The concept of a fiduciary or trustee has spanned centuries and industries, but the core principle is … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E453 – Eliminating Manual Spreadsheet Reporting For MGA and Delegated Authority Business; Dave Connors, Co-Founder and CEO at DistriBind

Many if not most MGAs function under a delegated authority model, where they are authorized for binding and other carrier responsibilities. This can be a marvelous use of a carriers precious insurance capacity because they can outsource underwriting and portfolio responsibilities to an MGA instead of building it internally. It works especially well when the … Read more