From Ancient Rome to Your Insurance Agency: The Enduring Legacy of Fiduciary Duty

Accountants (and bookkeepers) fulfill several roles for our clients – risk managers, advocates, confidants, and fiduciary to name a few.  All these roles are vital, but from an accounting view one stands out above the rest:  fiduciary.   The concept of a fiduciary or trustee has spanned centuries and industries, but the core principle is … Read more

Profiles in Risk: E453 – Eliminating Manual Spreadsheet Reporting For MGA and Delegated Authority Business; Dave Connors, Co-Founder and CEO at DistriBind

Many if not most MGAs function under a delegated authority model, where they are authorized for binding and other carrier responsibilities. This can be a marvelous use of a carriers precious insurance capacity because they can outsource underwriting and portfolio responsibilities to an MGA instead of building it internally. It works especially well when the … Read more