Insuring Against Litigation: Demotech, 4Warn, & the Battle Against Florida’s Litigation Surge Abuse (AoB S1E8)

Is the insurance crises in Florida due to bad insurance practices or litigation abuse. In this episode, Nick discusses the topic with Todd Kozikowski of 4Warn and Joe Petrelli of Demotech (a national insurance company rating agency) Introduction – Quick overview of Demotech’s history and its critical role in rating insurance companies. – Introduction of … Read more

Compliance Corner: Reporting Suspected Insurance Fraud

This edition of Compliance Corner is intended to provide some direction to insurance professionals when faced with a scenario of suspicious activity. Unfortunately, if you’ve been in the business, you’re not a stranger to the circumstance of ‘it appears that something is not right and it looks or feels like insurance fraud.’ The following provides … Read more